How I Managed To Get Rid Of Sleep Anxiety (My Cost-Effective Solution)

Written by
Kathy Evans

We’ve all been there: lying in bed at night, tired yet wide-awake, and anxious about an upcoming flight. Your mind is racing. You are supposed to be at the airport in a couple of hours, and you know it’s gonna be a long flight. And no, you won’t be able to catch up on your sleep on the plane because you are with the cabin crew.

Hi, my name is Kathy Evans, and I’m a flight attendant. Due to the nature of my job, I developed a sleep disorder, and for 3 years, I’ve been suffering from sleep anxiety that is until 2 months ago when I found the perfect solution that completely changed my life.

I know that most people tend to romanticize my job and most likely have daydreamed about being a flight attendant before. But I can tell you that being a flight attendant is hard. You have to be up at weird hours, which is very harmful for your body as doing so throws off your body’s circadian rhythm. I am aware of this but I can’t help it as my job won’t let me establish a healthy daily routine. As a result, I became an anxious sleeper.

Whether I’m in an overhead bin on the plane or in my hotel room, catching a few Z’s became a real problem for me. Desperate to beat my sleep anxiety, I turned to natural sleep aids, like Melatonin and Chamomile tea. I even tried to create the ideal sleep environment in my room by keeping it cool and quiet.

It worked, but an aircraft board is a whole different story. There’s no such thing as the perfect temperature on board. It is always either too cold or too hot, let alone the stifling air and the never ending noise that comes from the engine. The lights also never go completely off, so the light pollution is always there as well.

So what did I do to get myself to sleep?

We know that intrusive light impacts our sleep cycles. And how do we eliminate the light? Right, we put on a sleep mask. Unfortunately, not all sleep masks are equally effective. I tried dozens but none of them really worked for me. They all promised to block out 100% of light, but, in fact, there was always some light leaking in through the nose area, the sides or the material itself.

Two months ago, however, on a flight from New York to Phoenix, I was talking to one of our passengers. One thing led to another, and I told him about my problem falling asleep. Turns out he used to have the same problem. So he told me about the Manta Sleep mask.

I assure you that the Manta Sleep mask is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. This mask fits perfectly thanks to its adjustable velcro strap, and it stays on your head at all times. It puts zero pressure on your eyes and nose, so it won’t cause any blurry vision in the morning. And most importantly, Manta Sleep mask BLOCKS 100% of light. I paired it with a pair of Manta Sleep earplugs, and now, I can enjoy hours of deep continuous sleep whenever and wherever I am.

Manta Sleep mask was a game changer not only for me but also for my older brother. he works night shifts and can get called in any time. Sleep disorders are quite common among surgeons.

The other day he borrowed my Manta mask, and now, I’m buying another mask because he is so in love with mine and won’t give it back hahaha. I’m telling you this is the most exceptional product we’ve ever purchased.

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