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How To Save Up To $500
On Homeowners Insurance If You
Live In A Hurricane-Prone Area
Real homeowners in Florida share their insights

Home is where the heart — and money — is. Your home is your most valuable investment, and you should protect it at all costs. This is why having the right insurance coverage in a disaster can save not only your assets but also a lot of money. But where do you find the RIGHT homeowners insurance coverage?

Today, more and more Florida homeowners are discovering that Kin's homeowners insurance is affordable , easy to understand and made for anything Florida throws at them.

To find out more about Kin’s policies, we decided to ask a few people in Florida who live in high-risk coastal areas to share their insights on why they switched to Kin’s home insurance.

Reason 1

With just your address, Kin instantly accesses thousands of property data points to customize coverage and prices through a super simple user experience. They handle the complexity of home insurance so you don't have to.

"I live in a hurricane-prone area, and it's hard to find a really reliable insurance company that offers affordable coverage. Kin priced my policy based on my home's actual risk, which helped bring my insurance costs way down. They also customized my policy to fit my home so I'm not paying for coverages I don't need."

— Deryl, Punta Gorda, Florida.
Reason 2

In Florida, you need flood coverage that will pay for damage caused by storm surges. With Kin Insurance, there is no need to purchase an entirely separate flood policy. You can add flood insurance to your package and pay a single premium for both policies.

“My family moved to Florida 6 years ago, and now, we live in Tampa, a city with the highest number of properties at risk of flooding. Before we discovered Kin’s homeowners insurance, we used to buy two separate insurance policies and were getting seriously overcharged. I’ll tell you something, switching to Kin not only saved us $500 in the first year but gave us a clearer understanding of how home insurance in Florida should and can work.”

— Diana, Tampa, Florida.
Reason 3

Kin makes insurance easy. They walk you through your policy so you understand your coverage.

“I have always had a hard time understanding the insurance industry, but Kin made it so much easier for me. My representative was extremely professional. He asked all the right questions, took care of my main concerns and helped me to choose the best coverage that was tailored to my specific needs.”

— Peter, Cape Coral, Florida.
Reason 4

They insure in places where other insurance companies do not. And they make it available to everyone.

“We've been living in Northwest Florida for decades. And I can assure you that discovering in 2016 was probably the best thing that ever happened to us. People who live in Florida know that homeowners insurance in hurricane-prone areas is either very expensive or very hard to get. But Kin is a whole different story. They prove that home insurance doesn't have to cost a fortune, even if you live in a region with extreme weather.”

— Maria, Pensacola, Florida.

If you live in a high-risk area, the time to get the RIGHT coverage is before you need it. So make sure you protect your home before disaster strikes.

Is Kin right for you? Absolutely.
Kin makes insurance easy and affordable. People are reported to save an average of $500 on home insurance after switching to Kin’s insurance. But they protect more than just your home and wallet – Kin protects you. Follow the link below to get the appropriate coverage and a customized policy based on your needs today.